Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long has Eastern Shore Undercover been in operation?
A. Eastern Shore Undercover was started initially on June 15, 2020.

Q. How come we don't see posts from all of the Eastern Shore such as Talbot County and Dorcester County?
A. Our coverage is limited due to the fact that our scanners will only reach a certain distance. Our normal span is about 30 miles from Wicomico County and therefore, we only cover the three counties, Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset County, Maryland.

Q. How do you get all of your information that you post on your social media page?
A. For the most part, we utilize scanners for about 90% of the information that we obtain. There are times when we have resources fill us in on a event and we will utilize that information if we can verify it. For our news articles, we use press releases that are provided by local law enforcement agencies, local fire departments, and government agencies.

Q. Can the general public send in tips about incidents they witness?
A. ABSOLUTELY! We encourage it. We found that a lot of people don't want to deal with the police directly for various reasons. Maybe they are afraid of retaliation from the suspect, maybe they don't want to get dragged into court, maybe they are genuinely afraid of law enforcement (which they shouldn't be), maybe the person is a family member and they just don't want to be involved directly....whatever your reason, you are always allowed to send us tips and we will forward them to the appropriate agency anonymously. You may send your anonymous tips through our Facebook messenger, via email at, via Twitter message, Instagram message, or by our contact form on our website.

Q. How come you don't post more updates on the news posts?
A. There are no one that wants updates more than the group in the office. We post a lot of these calls, and unfortunately, there just aren't updates. What happens is we post the call. Then, we wait for an update. Unfortunately, sometimes we just don't get those updates that we want. Sometimes for medical calls, the only thing we get is that EMS is on the scene. For some police calls, the call is cleared on the MDT inside the vehicle and therefore, there is no communication over the radio. And there are times when we simply miss it. When we have an update, we post it in the original post.