Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long has Eastern Shore Undercover been in operation?
A. Eastern Shore Undercover was started initially on June 15, 2020. We initially started as just a Facebook page but have since grown into a full-scale business with a website and various social media pages.

Q. Why are URL's and Website Links not allowed on our social media pages?
A. Since we started this adventure, we have always had a policy of not allowing URLs and Website Links. We don't want this page to become littered with spam.

We've all seen the pages on Facebook with spam comment after spam comment and very little quality content. In my opinion, this takes away from the enjoyment of the page, and I just don't want that on this page.

Many people say, "But this is a legit website," and that very well may be the case. However, if we allow one, then we have to allow all to be fair, and therefore, we just don't allow any unless we post it in the original post.

Q. How do you get all of your information that you post on your social media page?
A. For the most part, we utilize scanners for about 90% of the information that we obtain. There are times when we have resources fill us in on a event and we will utilize that information if we can verify it. For our news articles, we use press releases that are provided by local law enforcement agencies, local fire departments, and government agencies.

Q. Can the general public send in tips about incidents they witness?
A. ABSOLUTELY! We encourage it. We found that a lot of people don't want to deal with the police directly for various reasons. Maybe they are afraid of retaliation from the suspect, maybe they don't want to get dragged into court, maybe they are genuinely afraid of law enforcement (which they shouldn't be), maybe the person is a family member and they just don't want to be involved directly....whatever your reason, you are always allowed to send us tips and we will forward them to the appropriate agency anonymously. You may send your anonymous tips through our Facebook messenger, via email at, via Twitter message, Instagram message, or by our contact form on our website.

Q. How come you don't post more updates on the news posts?
A. Probably one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is why we don't post updates. In a perfect world, we would have updates for everything, and I wish that were possible, but unfortunately, we just don't have access to many of those updates that we all want.
For starters, let's take medical calls. Many times, the only thing we get is that EMS is on the scene, and then we sometimes hear if they are transporting the patient. This is mainly because they are treating the patient, and that takes priority over clearing the call. Many times, EMS will end up at the hospital, and we don't even know it because they were busy working on a patient and providing care to them.
For fire calls, I have to say, no one does it better than the fire department. Their communication is second to none, and in most situations, we have an update on fire incidents because of their amazing communication between those on the scene and those who work inside the dispatch centers.
For law enforcement calls, many of the calls are cleared on the computer inside the vehicle, and therefore, there is no communication over the radio for others to hear. Many times, things are unfounded, and instead of tying up the radio, the law enforcement officer simply clicks a button on the computer, adds some notes, and the call is cleared.
And then there are times when we miss the update. We are not perfect, and from time to time, we will miss the updates. It happens, and there is no way around it.
We listen to 7 different scanners and about 50 agencies on those individual scanners, so naturally, from time to time, we will be paying attention to one and miss the info that was given on another. We try to prioritize the incidents in importance, but even then, we still miss an update occasionally.
I promise you this: if and when we have an update, it will always be posted to you guys in the original post.

Wicomico County, Maryland

Q. What agencies do you cover in Wicomico County?
A. For now, or at least until the encryption strikes Wicomico County, we cover all agencies in Wicomico County, including Maryland State Police (Salisbury Barrack), Wicomico County Sheriff's Office, Salisbury Police Department, Fruitland Police Department, Delmar Police Department, and Salisbury University Police Department, as well as all fire and EMS agencies in Wicomico County and Salisbury.

Worcester County, Maryland

Q. What agencies do you cover in Worcester County?
A. When we first started Eastern Shore Undercover, we completely covered Worcester County. We covered all of the agencies in the county to provide full coverage to the citizens of Worcester County.

However, as many of you know, Worcester County Sheriff Matt Crisafulli decided to encrypt his channels, forcing the hands of many other agencies to do the same. That pretty much stopped our ability to hear what was happening in our community and provide the same quality coverage we had for many years.

Therefore, the only agencies we can now hear from are the Maryland State Police (Berlin Barracks) and the various fire departments in Worcester County, such as all of the Ocean City Fire Departments, Pocomoke City Volunteer Fire Company (Station 100), Pocomoke City EMS (Station 100), Stockton Volnteer Fire Company (Station 200), Girdletree Volunteer Fire Company (Station 300), Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Company (Station 400), Newark Volunteer Fire Company (Station 500), Berlin Fire Company (Station 600), Showell Volunteer Fire Department (Station 800), Bishopville Volunteer Fire Department (Station 900) and Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Dept (Station 1100).