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February 6, 2024

Salisbury, Maryland - Salisbury's Circle Avenue Parking Garage is set to launch its new license plate reader system on Thursday, February 8, as an integral element of the City's parking automation project.

This modernization signifies that the garage is set to incorporate License Plate Readers (LPRs) specifically for permit holders. For those who park less frequently, the process remains straightforward, with the issuance of a ticket. It's the introduction of these LPRs that will enhance supervision and regulate access throughout the parking facility.

The revised timing schedule for temporary parkers, i.e., those without permits, has been established to span from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. During this period, the initial two hours are generously offered at no cost. Any additional hours beyond this grace period will be billed at a rate of $2 per hour. In a bid to evolve with the digital era, the newly implemented system has been designed to be cashless. The preferred payment methods include cards and mobile payments which can be conveniently processed at the exit lane.

"With the implementation of this new system, public access to the garage will be expedited and simplified," states Parking Supervisor Jordan Mann. "By integrating automated technology, we've made strides in efficiency and have established a foundation for future expansions."

The City of Salisbury is thrilled to announce an upgrade to our garage parking permit process. Leveraging the latest technology, we are transitioning to an online platform. This streamlined system simplifies registration, renewal, and payment procedures, enhancing convenience and efficiency for all users.

Salisbury is pleased to inform all current permit holders that their license plate information has now been integrated into our system. This will guarantee uninterrupted access to the parking garage from February 8 onwards. Kindly note, that there is no obligation to registrater within the system by February 8 to enjoy our parking services. Rest assured, our dedicated parking personnel are always available to assist you with the online process during your permit renewal.

The specialized parking management team will be physically present at the garage to facilitate a seamless changeover to the updated system. This transition support will be available from 7 a.m. on February 8th to 2 a.m. on February 9th.

If you happen to experience any challenges while exiting the garage and discover no personnel around to assist, kindly press the intercom button located on the payment station for prompt remote help.

Kindly be advised that to start with, only a single entry and exit gate will be functional. The rest of the access points will be put into operation once the contractors have finished their tasks.