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January 17, 2024

Somerset County, MD - The Somerset County Sheriff's Office arrested a Crisfield High School student today at their home for threatening mass violence and arson.  The student is a juvenile, so the name will not be disclosed.

On January 16, 2024, at approximately 7:20 am, a Crisfield High School official informed the School Resource Deputy, who was assigned to Crisfield High School, of a potentially dangerous situation. 

The official had received several student reports of a specific student threatening threatening violence and allegedly in possession of a gun on the school bus.

The School Resource Officer, with the assistance of school officials, immediately attempted to locate the student suspect at the school.  The officer and school officials quickly determined that the suspect was not on school grounds.

The School Resource Officer immediately activated the assistance of the Somerset County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division and began to identify and interview potential witnesses.

Somerset County Sheriff's Office Detectives took over the investigation. After collecting information at Crisfield High School, detectives located the suspect student, in the company of a parent, at their home. 

Investigators gathered sufficient evidence at the school and the student's home to arrest the juvenile student for threatening mass violence.

Deputies transported the student to the sheriff's office for processing and referral to the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). 

Criminal Charges recommended to DJJ are as follows: 

  • Threat of Mass Violence 

  • Threat of Arson 

The Somerset County Sheriff's Office made an official request to DJJ to hold the accused juvenile in custody, however the request was denied, and the accused was released back into custody of a parent.

Investigators were not able to develop evidence suggesting that this student had a weapon on school property during these events.  

It is, however, recorded that this same suspect student was referred to DJJ in October of 2019 for charges of: 

  • Carry a dangerous weapon on school property

  • Carry a handgun on the person 

  • Disturb a school operation 

  • Resisting arrest