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June 27, 2024
Worcester County, MD - It was an exciting day in Worcester County on Thursday as the Department of Housing and Community Development Secretary Jake Day and his team embarked on a tour showcasing the many projects that have been initiated to spark the economy in the county's downtown landscapes.

In addition to Secretary Day, Senator Mary Beth Carozza, local officials, stakeholders, and Worcester County's Chief Administrative Officer, Weston Young, were in attendance. Together, they traversed the area, particularly Market Street in Pocomoke, engaging in discussions about the economic development projects, breathing new life into downtown Pocomoke.

One of the highlight stops on the tour was the new Cypress Root Brewery, nestled on Market Street. The brewery has been one of the latest attractions, luring residents and visitors to the downtown area and fostering a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

Another key location on the itinerary was the former Pocomoke Fire Department building, now transformed into an apartment complex thanks to developer Bret Davis. As new residents have started calling these stylish apartments home, Pocomoke has begun to witness a dynamic shift with new residents in the community.

Worcester County Commissioner President Chip Bertino expressed his gratitude for the opportunities to collaborate with Secretary Day and other state and local partners while keeping the essence of the county intact and introducing refreshing changes.

His vision includes a bustling Worcester County with a thriving downtown center at its heart, a dream gradually coming to fruition with the aid of grant funds enabling the county to rehabilitate homes, develop new parks and recreational spaces, and attract sustainable businesses.

A shining example of this rehabilitation was displayed when the tour reached Snow Hill. There, Davida Washington, the Worcester County Housing Rehabilitation Coordinator, and Secretary Day showcased a home that had been given a fresh lease of life with the aid of DHCD funds.

The Thursday tour served as a testament to the ongoing efforts of the Department of Housing and Community Development and their local partners. They are not merely constructing buildings but building a community rooted in growth, prosperity, and vitality.

Welcome to the new Worcester County - where the old merges with the new, creating a vibrant community that everyone wants to be a part of!