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November 15, 2023

Princess Anne, MD - In the early morning hours of November 14, 2023, the Princess Anne Police Department responded to an alarm call at the Dollar General Store, located at 12175 Somerset Avenue in Princess Anne, Maryland.  When officers arrived, they discovered that the store had been broken into through two security doors. 

The suspect proceeded to steal various items from the store. This was the third burglary at this location in approximately a month.

It should be noted that the Princess Anne Police Department's detectives had identified a person of interest in the two previous burglaries however, it was the exceptional work of the Princess Anne Police Department Patrol (road officers) and the swift response of the Princess Anne Police Department detectives that led to the successful apprehension of the suspect, within a few hours of the latest incident.

The suspect in this incident was arrested and subsequently charged with two of the burglaries, facing a total of 15 charges, including multiple felonies. Information on the first burglary was provided and is still currently under investigation. The diligence and collaborative efforts of our law enforcement team played a crucial role in bringing the perpetrator to justice swiftly.

Despite the serious charges, including multiple felonies, the District Court Commissioner made the ultimate decision to release the suspect back into the public pending trial.