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January 18, 2024

Working together in government is of paramount importance as it facilitates the efficient and effective functioning of democratic processes, fosters collaboration, and enables the development and implementation of robust policies and lasting solutions. In a diverse and complex society, where multiple perspectives and interests coexist, the success of any government heavily depends on the ability of its representatives to work together towards a common goal - the betterment of the area for which they serve and its people.

By working together, elected officials can transcend partisan differences and prioritize collective interests over individual or party's agendas. This cooperation ensures that public policies are carefully considered, thoroughly debated, and ultimately fashioned to address the diverse needs and aspirations of the population. When representatives genuinely engage with one another, openly discuss ideas, share expertise, and seek common ground, more inclusive and balanced decisions can be reached that reflect the true essence of representative democracy.

Furthermore, collaboration within government promotes stability, efficiency, and accountability. Instead of working in isolated silos, cooperation allows for the pooling of resources, expertise, and information, leading to better quality legislation and decision-making. It helps streamline bureaucracy, reduces redundancies, and encourages the sharing of best practices, optimizing the allocation of scarce resources. Moreover, by holding each other accountable and engaging in constructive dialogue, politicians can mitigate the risks of corruption, impose checks and balances, and enhance transparency, thereby bolstering public trust in the government and its institutions.

This past week, any many weeks prior, what I've seen, is no collaboration or willingness to work together, constant complaints and at times, bullying among the Wicomico County Council towards Wicomico County Executive Julie Giordano.   

As a Wicomico County taxpayer and someone who runs the largest community engaged social media platform here on the shore, I feel it is important to watch each and every council meeting and while I may not always agree with some of the members on the council, I do have respect for a majority of them, since they were chosen by the community to fill a elected position.  

With that said, this week in particular, after watching the council meeting, my stomach turned in disgust over the actions of District 5 Council Member Joe Holloway, someone who I have lost all respect for and have no confidence in. Holloway sits up there on the council each week and questions every aspect of Wicomico County Executive Julie Giordano's job.

Instead of encouraging her and giving her the tools to succeed, he would rather set up her up failure, and attempt to make her look bad in the public eye, which truly he has failed drastically at with each attempt. While he attempts to do this at each council meeting, her ability to overcome his antics are commendable and one of the reasons she has earned my respect, and many of her constituents. 

In the past, we have heard Council President John Cannon express and demand decorum while in the council meetings from members of the public but is that decorum not the same for those who sit on the council?  If the public, who votes these people into office are held to a standard on how they will speak to council members during the council meetings, shouldn't the council members who serve the public at least be held to the same standards toward he public, and the County Executive?