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July 2, 2024

Wicomico County, MD - On July 1, 2024, a significant shift occurred for local restaurant owners and liquor establishments in Wicomico County, Maryland. Wicomico County Executive Julie Giordano announced the repeal of the liquor control board's monopoly, a move many local businesses had eagerly awaited.

This repeal, enabled by House Bill 1340, sponsored by Delegate Carl Anderton, and signed by Maryland Governor Wes Moore, marks a pivotal moment for business owners in the county.

The liquor dispensary system was established following the end of prohibition 91 years ago. Before yesterday, Wicomico County was the last county on Maryland's Eastern Shore to still have the system and not allow privatized stores.

A Step Towards Economic Freedom

The essence of this change is simple but profound. Wicomico County establishments can now purchase liquor from any supplier or distributor they choose, not just those dictated by the government. In a free society, business owners should be able to make their own decisions without interference from the government.

The delight among bar and restaurant owners was palpable during the press conference, as several well-known business owners were present. These entrepreneurs now have the liberty to shop around for the best prices and quality, fostering a more competitive and dynamic market.

This change is not just about alcohol distribution; it is about the broader principle of free enterprise and the rights of business owners to operate without undue interference.

The Opposition's Viewpoint

This progress in Wicomico County is not without its detractors. Some individuals and groups continue to criticize Wicomico County Executive Julie Giordano and her administration for what seems like every move and action she takes.

One of County Executive Giordano's most vocal detractors displayed a paper at the press conference titled "Hybrid Liquor System is Highway Robbery," which argued against the newly granted freedoms. This opposition stems from a desire to maintain the status quo, which restricts business owners' choices and keeps them tethered to a government-controlled system.

It is perplexing why anyone would advocate for such restrictions. Competition is crucial in a thriving economy. It drives innovation, improves quality, and lowers prices. By allowing businesses to procure their goods from various sources, we encourage a healthier, more vibrant market.

The Heart of the Matter

At its core, this issue goes beyond liquor sales. It touches on the fundamental values of our community-freedom, autonomy, and the right to operate without unnecessary government constraints. Those who oppose this change are, in essence, opposing these values. They do not support a free economy or the principles of free enterprise that are the bedrock of our society.

Why should the government dictate how businesses procure their products? Why should there be a monopoly that stifles competition and innovation? Those opposing this change need to address these questions.

Moving Forward

The repeal of the liquor monopoly in Wicomico County is a victory for business owners and a step towards a more unrestricted, competitive market. It is a testament to the importance of autonomy and the right to choose.

While there will always be opposition to change, it is crucial to recognize the broader benefits of such reforms.

We must continue supporting our local businesses and ensuring they can operate as they see fit. This repeal is not just a change in liquor sales regulations, but a reaffirmation of our commitment to free enterprise and economic liberty.

For those who still have doubts, please look at the bigger picture. Supporting this repeal means supporting our community's growth, innovation, and prosperity. Let's move forward with a shared vision of a thriving, free-market economy.

As we close, let's reflect on this journey and celebrate yet another delivered promise by our County Executive, Julie Giordano. As Delegate Anderton acknowledged, her dedication and relentless disposition have brought these initiatives to fruition. The path may not have always been smooth, yet as a true testament to her commitment, Giordano was steadfast and unwavering in her quest for progress in Wicomico County.

Giordano's willingness to forge alliances for the betterment of our community and the grit and tenacity with which she confronts challenges is nothing short of admirable. This is proof of her authenticity and commitment to the pledges she made throughout her campaign.

Giordano's ability to navigate political landscapes and collaborate effectively with other community leaders, such as Delegate Anderton, testifies to her proficiency in leadership. These attributes make her an ideal county executive, and she earns our unwavering support for her mission and vision.

Like the rest of Wicomico County, we stand firmly behind Mrs. Julie Giordano, a leader who continues to uphold, honor, and deliver on her promises.