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July 9, 2024
Laurel, DE - On July 8, 2024, a routine patrol stop on Sussex Highway by an officer from the Laurel Police Department transformed into a high-speed pursuit when a vehicle fled at speeds of over 100 mph.

The driver, later identified as Isa T Davis, 25, of Georgetown, DE, chose to step on the accelerator rather than pull over, initiating a chase that traversed the serene backroads of Delaware.

Davis' actions showed a blatant disregard for law enforcement instructions and public safety. His vehicle was spotted weaving dangerously on two-lane roads, violating numerous traffic regulations, including stop sign and lane use infringements, all while exceeding speeds of 100mph. Davis even went to the extent of switching off his vehicle's lights, making his vehicle a ghostly blur in the night, posing an increased threat to himself and others.

Fearing for public safety, the Laurel Police Department discontinued the pursuit as Davis continued east toward Georgetown, Delaware. Despite the termination of the chase, Davis maintained his swift pace.

A Georgetown Police officer observed the vehicle on Seashore Highway, still breaking the speed limit. The officer attempted another traffic stop, but undeterred, Davis failed to comply again. Prioritizing public safety over immediate apprehension, the officers refrained from further pursuit.

In a coordinated effort, multiple officers from the Laurel Police Department, Georgetown Police Department, Bridgeville Police Department, and troopers from the Delaware State Police scoured the area in search of the vehicle.

Assisting from the skies, the Delaware State Police Helicopter "Trooper 2", finally tracked down the vehicle on Old Furnace Road in Seaford, Delaware. This time, the vehicle was successfully stopped and Davis was arrested without further incident.

Davis was subsequently transported to the Laurel Police Department and charged with several crimes, including Disregarding a Police Officer Signal (a Class G Felony), Resisting Arrest (a Class A Misdemeanor), Reckless Driving, and multiple additional traffic violations.

Following an arraignment by the Justice of the Peace Court 7, Davis was released on his own recognizance. While the issuance of a warrant for the arrest of a subject is a showing of probable cause by the investigating agency, it does not indicate guilt.

Like all subjects once arrested, Davis is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.