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December 14, 2023

Wicomico County, Maryland - In what most people knew would happen, with the exception of the Wicomico County Council and their Attorney Robert A. Benson, a decision was rendered and made public on Wednesday afternoon, siding with Wicomico County Executive Julie Giordano......again..... as per the following: 

  • DETERMINED AND DECLARED that the memorandum submitted April 4, 2023, is legally sufficient to initiate the forty-five-day appointment window pursuant to § 315(a); and it is further

  • DETERMINED AND DECLARED that Mr. Matthew Leitzel was confirmed as Assistant Director of Administration by the absence of timely action by the Council before May 19, 2023; and it is further

  • DETERMINED AND DECLARED that Mr. Matthew Leitzel, who has been serving as Assistant Director of Administration since June 22, 2023, is entitled to all of his salary, without any interruption that may have been caused by application of Legislative Bill No. 2023-11; and it is further

  • DETERMINED AND DECLARED that the provision of Legislative Bill No. 2023-11 providing for the elimination of the budgetary line allocation for the position of Assistant Director 10 of Administration is stricken and severed and permanently enjoined from enforcement as to the appointment of Matthew Leitzel; and it is further

  • DETERMINED AND DECLARED that the remainder of Legislative Bill No. 2023-11 is consistent with the Charter of Wicomico County, Maryland and that the provision to return the budget allocation for the salaries of the Director of Public Works and Assistant Director of Public Works to the general fund are lawful and permitted to go into effect.

  • DETERMINED AND DECLARED that the Opinion and Declaratory Judgment entered in these proceedings on November 16, 2023, is superseded in its entirety by this Revised and Supplemental Opinion and Declaratory Judgment which serves only to clarify the Court's decision and does not result in any substantive change.

All of these quotes were taken directly from the court opinion, issued by Judge Brett W. Wilson, which can be found below. 

Wicomico County Citizens can only hope that this is the end of this debacle and that we can now move on in Wicomico County. This isn't a game that should be played, especially with taxpayers money!

County Executive Giordano has been right, with each incident that has been ruled on, over and over, and the hope is that the Wicomico County President John Cannon, and the 6 other Council Members, will respect this opinion, and just move on. Find a way to work with County Executive Julie Giordano, find a way to come to an agreement, find a way to make things better in Wicomico County! 

You have all heard me say it, Mrs. Giordano is good for Wicomico County, and I truly mean that! She has earned ALL of my respect simply by being the person she portrays.  She makes a promise, and she follows through with it. She tells you something, and it is legit and true. If you need something, if it is possible for her to get, she finds a way.  She wants what is best for Wicomico County citizens and is the right person for the job! 

STOP FIGHTING HER..... and learn to work with her.  The Wicomico County voters have elected this council to do what is right for Wicomico County, not for personal vendettas that may exist.