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September 1, 2023

Salisbury, MD - Visitors to the Salisbury Zoo can look for a new cotton-top tamarin during their next visit. Nikki, age 4, has come to Salisbury from Southwick's Zoo, and she is now out on exhibit.

Nikki shares an exhibit with Bianca, a cotton-top tamarin, and Timmy, a black-tufted marmoset. Both species of small primates are social, and Nikki had been alone at Southwick's Zoo, which is in Massachusetts. Southwick's Zoo is loaning her to Salisbury.

Nikki has been getting along well with Bianca and Timmy, but before the animals could be introduced, Nikki was quarantined, as is the procedure. Then, Nikki could see, hear, and smell her future companions, and vice versa, before they could have direct access to each other.

Cotton-top tamarins are critically endangered, and in the wild, these New World primates can be found in Colombia.

"Nikki has been a great addition to the Zoo and our small primate exhibit," said Registrar Jessica O'Neill. "Come out to the Zoo to see her and learn more about this critically endangered species."