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February 5, 2024

We've been asked several times over the past week about the latest update with the encryption so we figured we would make a post. Nothing has changed for the good. I will touch on each area so you know what I know. 


No change for the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office. I am well aware that Sheriff Lewis is still working diligently trying to shut us down with encryption and trying to convince those around him to join in with his "theory", but currently we are still able to provide the same coverage that we have for nearly the past 4 years to the citizens of Wicomico County.    


No change for the Worcester County Sheriff's Office. Currently, we are still able to provide coverage to the citizens in Worcester County.  I was told encryption was taking place on February 1, 2024, however, we are still able to access the frequencies so either the info we got was incorrect, or maybe Sheriff Crisafulli delayed it. I honestly don't know. In time, we will find out but for now, we can just say we are still able to provide the same coverage.  


No change for the Pocomoke City Police Department. On January 17, 2024, I sent an email to Pocomoke City Mayor Nock and the Pocomoke City Council over the comments made by Pocomoke City Police Chief Arthur Hancock and his intent to encrypt the Pocomoke Police Department radio frequencies. Nearly 3 weeks later, I still have not heard anything from anyone. So I don't have any idea what is happening down there. For now, we will continue to operate as usual providing the citizens of Pocomoke with incidents and information. Chief Hancock said encryption would take effect between the 10th and 15th of February, so I would only assume that we will have coverage for another week. 

I can only assume that the powers to be made their decision to not reply and ignore the email that I sent them.  In my opinion, it is crucial for politicians who are elected into office, to reply to the citizens in the community because effective communication fosters trust, accountability, and democracy. Responding to citizens demonstrates a commitment to representing their interests, addressing their concerns, and keeping them informed about governmental decisions. 

This dialogue strengthens the bond between elected officials and the communities they serve, ultimately leading to more transparent and responsive governance. 

In April of 2024, there will be an election to determine seats on the Pocomoke City Council for District 4 and District 5.  I keep saying, there is nothing more important in today's society than registering to vote. 

In the coming weeks, we will certainly share with you all those individuals who believe in transparency, who feel our community has the right to know about what is truly happening in the community, and who support Eastern Shore Undercover!

For now, that is all the info we have. As soon as we hear more, about Wicomico County Sheriff's Office, Worcester County Sheriff's Office, or Pocomoke City Police, we will let everyone know.